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Unique Low-Profile & Aerodynamic Design

Skiguard is spearheading the development and design of functional rooftop cargo boxes. Our roof boxes are known to be aerodynamic, long-lasting and, of course, great looking.

We have manufactured ski and cargo boxes in Sigdal, Norway since 1987 and we are proud to offer these to the North American market through our USA HQ in Colorado.

When a brand new Skiguard Ski & Cargo Box comes off the production floor we proudly know what has gone into every step from start to finish.

We do it all: shaping ideas into novel designs and ultimately finished goods. Executing every step of the process since day one has given us know-how and control to ensure the highest quality on the market.

Our products are manufactured at Thor Holm Plastvarefabrikk in Sigdal, Norway.

The manufacturing facility has produced fiberglass-reinforced polyester products since 1962 and possesses knowledge and experience within the field that few can match. After more than 55 years in business they can handle any challenge thrown at them. By utilizing old and proven as well as novel methods they have developed efficient, climate-friendly and highly precise procedures to ensure the excellent quality and design Skiguard is known for.